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Privacy policy

Types of collected information

Makarony Polskie S.A. protects the data of its users, therefore all the data the company collects and processes for its needs is safe. Makarony Polskie S.A. does not share any data collected through its website with unauthorized persons or third parties, with the exception of entities providing services on its behalf on the basis of separate agreements.

Personal data that you knowingly provide through contact forms available on our website,, can include your name and e-mail address.

Additionally, in order to provide services at the highest level and to adapt content to the individual needs and interests of our users, we use so-called cookies which are automatically collected by the system through a web browser while you are using the website. The data contained in these files includes an IP address, a browser type, an operating system type or a region for which the pages are viewed. All this data is collected automatically by the system.

Communication between your computer and the system can be encrypted with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

IP address

An IP address, which is a network interface number, is collected in the server’s system logs. The IP address data does not allow for the unambiguous identification of the physical device and, consequently – the user, as in some cases this address can freely change and the device can be used by many users. This also makes unambiguous identification difficult.


A cookie file is a text file containing a small amount of information. It is saved by the browser on your computer when you open a specific website.

As a user, you can refuse to have cookie files collected on your computer at any time by disabling the consent to accept these files.

Purpose of collected information

Personal data provided by you voluntarily through our website is used only to respond to submitted queries.

Through contact forms available on our website we collect personal information necessary to handle your questions, comments and queries. In these forms we ask only for data that we use to provide the requested service. Personal data collected through contact forms is processed in the time necessary to provide the service.

All kinds of contests and promotions organised on the website require the users to give a separate consent to have their personal data collected and processed for marketing purposes carried out by Makarony Polskie S.A. Each user of our website has the right to refuse giving his or her consent to provide personal data.

The rights

According to the GDPR regulations, you have the right to: request access to your personal data from the data controller; correct, delete or restrict your personal data processing; object to your personal data processing; have your personal data transferred; withdraw your consent at any time.


In order to execute the above rights, please contact our personal data protection team:


Disclosure requirements


In accordance with Article 13 and Article 14 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR“), Makarony Polskie S.A. with its seat in Rzeszów (hereinafter referred to as “Company“) informs about the rules and regulations of processing your personal data in the Company:


Who is my personal data controller?

Your personal data controller is a group of undertakings that make up the Makarony Polskie Group, meaning all entities from the Makarony Polskie capital group, which includes Makarony Polskie S.A. with its seat at ul. Podkarpacka 15A, 35-082 Rzeszów as the main establishment as well as all other entities related to it and dependent on it (the list of companies is available on both personally and financially, directly or through other entities.


What are the purposes (premises) for my personal data being processed by the Company?

Your personal data will be processed – depending on the specific situation – for the purpose of advertising, statistics, direct marketing, promotion, information on the activities carried out by the Company; for the purpose of performing the contract which you are a party of; for the purpose of undertaking, on your request, actions that may be necessary to conclude any contract with us; and for the purposes arising from legitimate interests pursued by the data controller – as indicated below.

In each case of your personal data being processed by our Company, at least one of the above premises prevails. The Company does not process personal data if it is unable to demonstrate the necessity of processing for any of the above purposes.


Where does the Company get my personal data from?

We have probably obtained your personal data directly from you. This is the main source of data available to the Company. Most often it is done through direct contact between you and the Company, regardless of who initiated this contact.

It may happen, though, that you did not provide us with your personal data. In this case your personal data most often comes from your next of kin or direct co-workers who, by contacting us for some reason, decided that we should also have your personal data. It usually happens when the Company addresses its activities not only directly to the person who contacted the Company but also on the request of those people – also towards interested third parties who do not directly contact the Company or do not initiate any contact the Company in this regard (for example, people copied in the mailing list of inquiries addressed to the Company).

When we become in possession of your data as described above, we may take actions in order to achieve the purposes described in point 2 above.


What is the legal basis for my personal data being processed by the Company? Personal data processing requires a legal basis. The GDPR provides for several types of such legal bases. In the case of the Company, we essentially deal with three legal bases for personal data processing:

  • Article 6 paragraph 1 letter a) of the GDPR – the data subject has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data – this premise of legality of personal data processing basically occurs only when we want to provide you with marketing or commercial information from the Company or its trusted partners;
  • Article 6 paragraph 1 letter b) of the GDPR – necessity to perform a contract whose data subject is a party of or to take action on the request of the data subject before concluding the contract; this premise of legality of personal data processing by the Company will be relatively frequent – in a situation when we conclude a product or products purchase agreement with you or we take preparatory steps to conclude such a contract on your request;
  • Article 6 paragraph 1 letter f) of the GDPR – legitimate interests pursued by the data controller – it refers to those cases when personal data processing is justified due to our justified needs.


How is the legitimate interest pursued by the data controller manifested?

The legitimate interest of the controller includes marketing of the Company’s own products and the need to carry out the core business of the Company.


Who, in accordance with the law, can the Company disclose my personal data to?

Depending on the specific needs justified by the legal or actual relationship between us, your personal data can be made available to: (1) direct marketing, legal and accounting advisers of the Company – for purposes related to the preparation of terms of the offer or draft agreements regarding the purchase of a product or products of the Company and for their legal and formal assessment; (2) auditing companies – for purposes related to the audit of the Company’s annual activity reports; (3) an IT company responsible for the Company’s IT system; (4) selected state institutions and industry organisations in accordance with the Polish legislation; (5) the Company’s partners – for purposes related to the Company’s fulfilment of reporting or information obligations towards its partners and to ensure that the partners exercise their rights resulting from the shareholding rights in the Company; (6) your direct advisers (legal, accounting, investment, intermediating in the purchase of premises, etc.) – upon your clear request.

The above catalogue and enumeration is exemplary and in your specific situation your data will be transmitted only to selected recipients as well as in accordance with the justified need.


Will the Company transfer my personal data to a third country (i.e. outside the EEA) or an international organisation?

Your personal data will not be transferred to a third country / international organisation without your consent, but it is possible to transfer your data to a third country if the administrator of electronic mail that you use in your contacts with the Company uses mail servers located outside the EEA (e.g. gmail, yahoo, hotmail).


How long will my personal data be stored by the Company?

Your personal data will be stored until there is a basis for its processing – when the consent is granted – until the consent is revoked or limited by your actions; in the event of the necessity of data for the performance of the contract – for the duration of the contract and the time necessary for the parties to execute the claims resulting from this contracts and when the basis for data processing is the legitimate interest of the controller – until such a legitimate interest exists (i.e. when further processing of your personal data proves unjustified due to the purpose it was intended to serve).


What rights do I have in connection with my personal data being processed by the Company?

In relation to your personal data being processed by the Company, you have the right to:

  • withdraw consent to have your personal data processed at any time if the processing of your data by the Company is based on that – without affecting the legality of the previous processing which was done on the basis of the consent prior to its withdrawal, pursuant to Article 13 paragraph 2 letter c) of the GDPR,
  • access your personal data, pursuant to Article 15 of the GDPR,
  • rectification of your personal data, pursuant to Article 16 of the GDPR,
  • erasure of your personal data, pursuant to Article 17 of the GDPR (this right can not be in conflict with the legal acts that are in force in Poland),
  • restriction of your personal data processing, pursuant to Article 18 of the GDPR,
  • object to your personal data processing, pursuant to Article 21 of the GDPR,
  • your personal data portability, pursuant to Article 20 of the GDPR,
  • file a complaint to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office shall you decide that the processing of your personal data violates the provisions of the GDPR.


Do I have to provide the Company with my personal data?

Providing your personal data is a condition for the Company to realise the purpose referred to in point 2 above. Providing your data is voluntary, however, the consequence of not providing your data is the inability of the Company to perform the activities referred to in point 2 above.


Will the Company make decisions or carry out profiling towards me automatically (e.g. using algorithms)?

The company does not carry out automated decision making or automatic personal data profiling. Your data processing will take place both manually and with the use of an ICT system.


Are there any special procedures connected with the protection of my personal data in the Company?

In the Company we attach special importance to the protection of personal data that we have acquired. To this end we have implemented Personal Data Protection Procedures compliant with the GDPR requirements. By following them we ensure the protection of personal data entrusted to us against unauthorized processing. Acting in accordance with the implemented Personal Data Protection Procedures is one of the most important priorities for us.


Personal Data Protection Team

Makarony Polskie S.A.