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The use of cookies

Cookies Policy

Our Cookies Policy refers to Makarony Polskie S.A. websites as well as any other website on third party platforms (such as Facebook).

By visiting Makarony Polskie S.A. Website you give your consent to the use of cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie file is a text file containing a small amount of information. It is saved by the browser on your computer when you open a specific website.

What do we use cookies for?

We mainly use them for strategic purposes, to check how often particular pages are visited. We use this data to improve content and functionalities of our websites. We do not collect personal data.

How long are cookies active for?

Cookies that we use are installed for different periods.

Some of them become invalid when the browser is closed while others remain active for days, months or even years. We store them long enough not to lose information about the user’s preferences.

How to decide against the installation and get rid of cookies?

You may refuse to give your consent and prevent cookies from being installed on your computer by changing your browser settings.