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About us

We are one of the biggest and most dynamically growing pasta producers in Poland. We have a rich tradition and many years of experience.

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The story of Makarony Polskie SA started in 1988. Since then, the company has been constantly growing and is now one of the biggest pasta producers in Poland.

In two plants – one in Rzeszów and one in Częstochowa – we produce pasta in many popular shapes. Our offer includes fusilli, thread, chifferi, spaghetti and others. Apart from traditional egg pasta we also produce wholemeal, rye, buckwheat and spelt pasta. We offer them under three brands: Makarony Polskie, Abak and Sorenti.

Many of our products have received the “Quality Tradition” certificate awarded to high quality products made in a natural way.

Qualified specialists make sure that our products are characterised with the highest quality. We work with modern and innovative production lines and both our ingredients as well as ready-made products are thoroughly examined in our in-house laboratory. The whole production process is supervised by the Quality Control Team which makes sure that the production meets the requirements of the ISO Integrated Quality Management System and HACCP standards.

Makarony Polskie Group also includes MP Trade Sp. z o.o. and Stoczek Natura Sp. z o.o. In this way apart from pasta we can offer our customers meat, vegetable and fruit preparations under the following brands: Stoczek, Tenczynek, Męska Rzecz and Novelle.